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Talking 9800 Torch Review after a few weeks . . .

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Earlier this month, I moved from a Bold 2 (9700) to the Torch (9800). Ive been wanting a Torch primarily for its bigger screen and updated browser. Now that Ive used it for awhile I wanted to provide some insight:
  • First of all, I love the device the physical size is nice I like keeping it in my front pants pocket and I dont want to wear a holster so it fits the bill there. I think some of the newer, larger screen phones (Samsung Galaxy, HTC xxxx, et al) may be a bit too large although Id probably get used to those too.
  • Its nice having a choice of four keyboards (on screen landscape, on screen portrait full, on screen reduced, and slide out). I find myself using the onscreen to unlock the device but usually using the slide out for longer emails. Like any new device the keyboard does take a bit to get used to for me the primary issue is that the keyboard itself is not as thick as the device its thinner. Still it wasnt the big leap that some of us experience from a curve to the 9700.
  • On my 9700 I was a big user of the Standby function where you hit the Mute Key to basically ensure that no buttons are inadvertently pressed (until you first hit Mute to take it out of standby). This feature is no longer there in its place you use the Lock key although, oddly enough, it doesnt engage the device password lock it performs the old standby. One issue I have with this arrangement is that when I hold the camera or video camera in landscape, I tend to hit the lock key causing me to wonder what the heck is going on with the phone. Im guessing Ill get used to this.
  • Part of the reason I moved from the 9700 to the 9800 is because my visual voicemail wasnt working it works great on the 9800 but I experienced some weird issues where it plays part of one message then goes onto the next. I believe this is because the updated media player allows you to scroll through a carousel of album art and in visual voicemail as I put it up to my ear then look at it to see who it is and repeat I must be inadvertently going to the next voicemail. Im sure Ill get used to it. (What I would call a training issue. )
  • Camera/Video Camera takes great pics havent had a chance to explore all options although on a recent trip to the hill country in Texas, while on a horse with limited coverage the geotagging feature tends to take some time before allowing you to take a picture. Im guessing theres a setting I can set to bypass this. There are a number of options available and I have yet to play with them. I did notice that the lens tends to get dusty or prone to finger prints so I find myself wiping it clean first. Dont recall having this much of an issue with the 9700.
  • I love the intuitive UI on the home screen where you touch the profile icon to change the profile, touch the new message icon to view all new messages, etc. I do find that I tend to inadvertently touch the top right that brings up the network connections settings and when the Clock is displayed (i.e. when charging) just touching anywhere on the screen brings up the option to change the Alarm Clock settings I would think that this should only be invoked by touching an alarm icon say at the bottom of the screen.
  • Battery is OK seems like my 9700 lasted longer but I had that on 2G only to minimize dropped calls. I read somewhere that reducing the backlight brightness would help I changed mine to 70% than to 50% - but the screen doesnt seem any dimmer. I cant tell if the battery is lasting longer yet.
  • Apps I use Viigo all the time and it ported over just fine. Another thread suggested that there may be issues with it but it works fine for me except for launching an article in a browser which I rarely do.
  • I have the latest version of Google Maps and you cant pinch to zoom in/out. It still works with the I and O so I guess another version will have to come out to provide that support.
  • Prior to this device, I could also place icons exactly where I want them I dont think you can with OS 6 that doesnt bother me too much though I marked those that I need as Favorites to show up in the Favorites section and I find that the Frequent section also helps.
  • Speaking of Favorites I love how I can save bookmarks as favorites and I love that the browser can display websites such as I now have a few dashboards and reports from Salesforce as favorites and it works beautifully.
  • I miss the left hand convenience key. I used this as Calendar and the right convenience key as voice dial Calendar shows up as Frequent so Im good (for now).
Thats it for now just wanted to share. Please feel free to comment or provide feedback. Thanks.
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