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Default Weird: Need to hold alt key for trackpad in some menus

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I've searched all over for the answer to this problem, and nothing. Hopefully someone can help.

I have a blackberry bold 2 thats about 3 months old. Last week the trackpad started working weirdly, and predicable and usable, but really annoyingly.

Here is what happens:
Situation 1) In the home menu the track pad scrolls great. It can move up to change ring settings, left, right, down, etc. Completely normal.
Situation 2) I press the menu key and the trackpad no longer works. I can't scroll left right up or down through the icons. Now when I try holding the alt key OR the shift key, the track pad works again... Only in some menus do I need to hold the alt or shift key to activate the track pad (and I need to hold the shift or alt key for the track pad to work, ie, if I release the alt/shift key it no longer responds)
Situation 3) When sending a text message when I use the track pad to scroll down and send a message, it takes the last character and cycles through the symbols for that character (for letter "y" it will have a y with two dots above it, or an accent mark, etc).

Other odd things:
1) The Blackberry is slow to respond when it goes to sleep. So if I leave it alone, and the screen goes dark, I need to mash a dozen keys for it to finally wake up. If I quit mashing the keys, it never wakes up (its not lagging or being slow, it just needs a lot of keys pressed for it to figure out it needs to wake up.)
2) Pressing two keys at the same time doesnt work anymore. So if Im typing fast, and Im spelling "in" I press the I key then the N key quickly usually only the N shows up. If I type slow, no problems. Keys are all responsive otherwise.
3) If Im holding the shift/alt key to scroll, I can't click the track pad to enter. I need to release the shift/alt key, then press the track pad to enter.

Phone: Blackberry Bold 2 9700
Carrier: Verizon
Condition: Everything has been reset to factory via the security reset feature

My Thoughts:
I've tried the factory reset, removing the batter, removing the sim, etc. Nothing. It seems like a key is stuck (like a lock feature) that isn't allowing me to use the track pad without pressing alt or shift. Its odd that only some menus behave this way, while others are normal. Its very predictable, which makes me think this is some bizarre feature than physical damage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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