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Default Key Tone Setting Forgotten

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I am having unusual trouble with a specific setting on my new 8700c device. I set Options - Screen/Keyboard - Key Tone to NO and save the setting. I then go back to the setting to confirm that it is set to NO, and it is. When I use the device, I do not hear the tone (which obviously suggests that the setting was stored properly). However, after a period of time (I can't track down how long of if anything else happens to the device in the mean time), the key tone is back, and when I check the settings, the value shows YES for Key Tone. In other words, I make the setting to NO, and use the device. No tone. Great. I place the device back in the holster and go about my day. Some period of time later, I remove the device and use it, only to find that the tone is back. I check the settings, and now it shows YES for Key Tone. Odd...

Why? Anyone else experience this and anyone know how to stop it? I just want the setting for Key Tone to be NO.

As a follow-up, this morning I reset the Key Tone value to NO (again). I saved the setting, and then placed the BlackBerry back into the holster. It sat, unused, on my belt for about two hours. I went to lunch, and when I pulled out the BlackBerry to check some information, I noticed that the Key Tone was back (the setting was YES). I did nothing to the BlackBerry after setting the value to NO except place it in the holster and remove it later to use it.

Something is wrong, but I can't get an answer. I contacted RIM and they resolved my situation by telling me to talk to Cingular. So much for great service from RIM. I don't believe Cingular will be able to help me as this appears to be an issue with the device, not the service provided by Cingular. Help!!!



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