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Default Re: Playbook in the wild

Originally Posted by penguin3107 View Post
The current Apple iPad is still going to crush anything that RIM or whomever puts to market.
By the time RIM decides to add 3G or 4G to their little toy, Apple will have their iPad 2 or iPad 3 available to crush that one too.
This gave me a chuckle.

The iPad is more toy than business productivity device.

The iPad will get a refresh next year, probably in April for a June/July release.

RIM will have the PlayBook launched by May at the latest across NA (US first, Canada a couple of months later)

The biggest thing Apple could do for the iPad is having HD output and a Dual-Core processor.

I think a lot of people (yourself included) miss the whole point of the PlayBook. Custom apps where your playbook can be designed from the ground up to do one single function. Security in the message relay and e-mail system. And of course, for any business... the ability to set policies on the device to avoid your employees doing something like, oh I donít know... moving their whole music library to a work device, and installing useless apps and games on it.

Imagine a business deploys 500 iPads to its users. How do they control what is installed on them? They don't. Each user gets an iTunes account and can do whatever the hell they want.

Oh I'm sure you'd say "but there's software you can BUY to secure the iPad" which of course doesn't make sense. Buy a device that isn't capable of being deployed in a large workplace and then pay additional monies to secure it so that it's used by your idiot employees the way you want.

Playbook will do quite well. RIM is making a change and if they keep it up they'll do fine in the future.

Everyone always talks with such a narrow mind on this stuff. It's like all everyone cares about is the North American consumer market, which of course allows them to speculate that anything RIM puts out will fail miserably.

WAIT AND SEE, because unless you have some specific arguments as to why it will fail, you're just talking shit.
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