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Looks like NTP's "legs" are becoming increasingly less stable in terms of their patents. Here is another article regarding this that I found.

Here is my question though. I understand that the NTP vs RIM and the US Patent Offices reviews of NTP patents are two seperate cases. But how can Judge Spencer be allowed to simply say "I will not wait for the patent office and the case will move at the speed I dictate?"

I am no legal expert and I am sure there is an explination, but it seems to me that it is somewhat "bias" and not really allowing for due process to just decide things in the manner Judge Spencer is. Just curious on what the thoughts are regarding to that. I mean, if I were a judge sitting in his place realizing what is at stake if I were to rule in favor of an injunction, I would want to take a long hard look at the basis for NTP's suit was, no matter how long it took. Or in other words, at least wait and listen to what the Patent Office has to say.

I guess is it just my personality, but I would definately not be willing to award any money to a company who creates nothing (no products) and who's patents (after todays Pantent Office ruling) apparently have very little to do with the technology world we are in today,.
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