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Default Re: Does Curve 8530 support WPA2 with AES (or WPA2 with CCMP)?

WPA2-PSK/CCMP/AES should work just fine on your 8530. I'm using that exact setup for my wifi network here at home and have been since I got the 8530. WPA2+AES is the minimum wifi security level you should be running at this time unless you decide/want to run a totally open network.

Make sure you use a strong passphrase when you set your wifi up. Shorter and less complex passphrases are vulnerable to dictionary attacks. Your network is only as secure as its weakest link.

MAC filtering as a security measure is useless as well as a pain in the butt to maintain and troubleshoot. It is trivial for someone with a little knowledge and some publicly available easy to use tools to sniff and spoof a MAC address from one of your devices and bypass the MAC filter and access your wifi network in no time.

WEP is actually worse than an open unsecured network because it gives the illusion of having security when there is actually none. WEP can be broken by those same publicly available easy to use tools in real time in seconds.

WPA uses TKIP which has known and exploitable flaws that can again be attacked and broken with publicly available utilities.

Wired Equivalent Privacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - WEP
Wi-Fi Protected Access - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - WPA

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