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Default Re: Answers with attitudes??

Originally Posted by jamesavila View Post
It's funny Jsanders was "questioning" some dude in BBM for wanting to check to see if someone still had an active PIN (or something like that)...he and others implied he was stalking or trying to spy yet this site sponsors Mobile Spy?? funny.
That thread was NOT about someone asking about unlocking their device.

That thread was about a user wanting to know if they could access another person's information without their knowledge.

The OP in that thread was not supplying adequate information which made their request suspect.

And the other thread you posted was someone asking if they could "hack" their employer's security certificate. That kind of request is inappropriate here and threatens the reputation of this site.

jamesavila, you are wrong in this instance. And now you are impugning other people's character improperly.

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