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Default Re: No BB Wifi Connectivity with multiple APs (roaming)

timlang, thanks! I had the same problem on my dlink DSL-2640U router. Have my neighbour connecting to my AP as well with his router. So on your site survey it picks up both. Would have connectivity for a day or two even, but then it shows connected to the AP, as well as even an IP, but there would be no traffic, drove me out the walls.

Changed the fragmentation threshold and RTS to 2346 and 2347 (defaults) as I lowered them before and it worked. Then after a day or two my BB started doing the same thing again and I gave up.

Now I lowered the beacon interval and voila it connects again, will check for how long again. What do you guys reckon is the best setting for WiFi for BB's?

I'll put mine in here, have a look and if you have any suggestions, please reply. WPA2-PSK encryption.

Channel: (The channel with the least AP's on it?)
Auto Channel Timer(min): 99999
54gxxx8482; Rate: Auto
Multicast Rate: Auto
Basic Rate: All (1, 2, 5.5,6,11 and 12 mbps and up)
Fragmentation Threshold: 2346
RTS Threshold: 2347
DTIM Interval: 1
Beacon Interval: 50
XPressxxx8482; Technology: Enabled
54gxxx8482; Mode: 54g Auto
54gxxx8482; Protection: Auto
Preamble Type: Long
Transmit Power: 100%

2metres away from the router and my signal strength is -61dBm. 802.11b/g

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