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Default Re: Will you move away from BlackBerry?

It seems I'm just out of phase with BlackBerry. Each time I buy a new non-BlackBerry device because of some spiffing new feature, RIM answers by adding something like it. I wanted a larger screen device, and BB releases the Torch. Since I'm on Sprint I can't use it. Yet. I fully expect a CDMA version, especially considering what a hit the Torch has been for RIM. So now I'm staring at my gorgeous Evo and at the same time bemoaning my loss of push email.

I'm a serial switcher. I've admitted that before, publicly and to myself. I'm also a consumer whore and exactly what these tech companies want. I may not live on the bleeding edge of tech, but I'm pretty close. Rather than get the latest shiny new gadget every time one is released, I find myself waiting for a couple of reviews before leaping into the water. I'd like to say I'm being smart by waiting and reading reviews, but really I'm just using them to convince myself that the decision I already made to buy is the right one. So here I sit, wishing my Evo was a BlackBerry and wishing my BlackBerry Bold had a more Evo-like screen. And dreaming of a Sprint BB Torch.

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