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Default Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation

Tried an offline map.
Usable, but, on my 9700 screen, hard to read (the online map can be still zoomed more).
I whish, I had a 2x software zoom in addition.
The 9700 screen is 480x360pix.
The 9800 screen is 480x360 also, but the physical dimensions are nearly the double size.
Therefore, if you dont take the dpi of the screen in account in the app, you should allow to zoom further and interpolate the result to make a better user experience.

This is one of the big advantages of BBmaps. Most things are vector graphics. Download a section, and you have any resolution without the need to further download a new pixel-map - I never understood, why everyone else then RIM took the pixel-based road.
You could overlay the vector data with pixel graphics for things like POIs or other things which cannot be stored as drawings, but roads, streetnames, borders, water, those should be vector information.

Do the offline maps contain less details then the online version ?

Dont get me wrong, I love this program, the usability is good, these are just things that could improve.
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