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Default Re: Andriod / Samsung Captivate... my 2 cents

I made the switch 4 months ago and don't anticipate going back to a BB.

I have a Captivate, and while I may not have a Samsung the next time, I likely will stick with Android. The email is worse, although some of the free apps are way better than the stock app. Typing is harder. But I rarely need to type a medium amount, it is either a short reply, or I have to type a long message, in which case I use a computer.

But the browser experience is just so much better and the app selection is better, or at least better matches what I use. Flash is great. More than a few free wifi's have log-in screens (do you accept these terms, blah, blah) in flash, which I can now use.

Overall it's just less painful. Once when I was trying to buy a house, my bank sent me a message on their private message system. I tried for about 20 minutes while in a parking lot to read the message, before I finally got Bolt to display it. The regular browser and Opera looked like they were going to display the message but never did.

Other than for work, I don't have much need to boot up the computer anymore since the screen is good and the speed is fast.

Some things I miss about the BB besides the keyboard and email -
built in file encryption - there are encryption apps available for Android, but then things have to be unencrypted each time
voice recognition - the built in one sucks, Vlingo works fairly well, but it would be nicer if Google's weren't so bad to begin with. BB did a much better job, although it does less things.

To be fair, I've been running versions of Froyo on my phone for about 3 months, which performs better than stock and has some nice improvements. On stock it was a little laggy and if I were still running that, it wouldn't be as good an experience. But that's also another good thing about Android. Froyo was available fairly quickly after it became available for other phones.
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