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Default Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation

I now used the Application a little, and found it works reliable.
It is however not made for Car Navigation, since it cannot find a route in a radius of more then about 100km.
But for Tracking it seems to work nice.

Now, if the Program had an option to send the current location data to a webserver, that would be a very nice addition. Then I dont need to save the tracks on the device, but will be able to store that in a database for later evaluation.
I think, that should not be too difficult to implement (?)

I dont care about security, because, If the connection goes via MDS to my private LAN there is no security risk. A simple http GET request with basic auth, like is sufficent for this.

However, most applications I saw submit the way points every nth second, or minute. Calculating a track from data gathered this way is rather difficult and has errors.
A waypoint should be submitted, dependent on current speed and direction in comparison to the last point in time.
For example, if I move fast in a car, and, change the direction, more waypoints must be sent - otherwise a polygon track will give a shorter distance than actually travelled.
If I move very slow and change the direction it should rather be assumed I do not move, because GPS is unable to determine the direction when movement is slow, otherwise the track will be longer than the travelled distance.
That also will help to reduce the traffic generated to a minimum.

RIM has built somthing like this into the BES Server. However, it still does not work reliable after several years, and, without manual tweaking only shows the current location, and does not store the waypoints of a track - I meanwhile stopped to believe that this will be ever completed to something which actually can be used for an application to track myself.

Any chance that this functionality can be implemented ? I dont know, what other people need, but for me that would be a valuable enhancenment.
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