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Default Re: why my 9780 GPS not working?please help


it's not an issue of your bb not working right there is a problem in the software just on the 9780's. i was the first one to complain to rim about this when i noticed it wasn't working right. so the more complaint's rim gets the sooner they will get an update there number is 877 255 2377. please call and tell them. and yes you do have to have the data plan. but if your getting email and can browse the web you have a data plan. i have had every new bb since 2004 so i do know more than your carries tech's do. and you should not have to do this but if you pull out the batt it will work from 2 to 5 hrs close to the 2 hr before it stops updating your gps. now it will keep triangle your gps location. but that will not pinpoint it with the sat's like it should it will get you within about 2 miles. so either pull the batt or press alt and hold then press shift and hold ( the key to the right of the sym key ) then del then let them all go and that will reboot the phone without having to pull the batt. but anyone that reads this please call rim with the number above. it only has this problem on the bb 9780's. also after you reboot the phone then go into location settings and refresh it will pick your location up right away. but it will stop working after a while again. and dont bother with trying to change settings or app permissions none of that is going to work i have tried it all. i have tested it on 5 different 9780's my self so i know it's a software problem. i assume the bb 9800's are not having these problems it just seems to be the 9780's only. last thing when one gps app stops working they all stop no matter if its bb maps, google maps, telenav, and you carrier will most likely tell you to delete the apps that didnt come on your phone. this will not make any difference. when it stops pinpointing your location you have to reboot the phone to make it start working again. hopefully rim will solve the problem but the more we complain the faster it will get done. and they say im the only actually calling them and telling them this so call them instead of your carrier. because their the one's that will have to make an update not your carrier.

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