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Angry Re: 9700 OS - Help Choose Please. 979 or 1014

Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
I've read the thread, not sure, but seems your remaining question has to do with data usage you can't explain.

I don't see how one OS version versus another is going to make a difference. If your data usage is higher than you thought it was, then look at your apps and what you are doing. You mention IM. If you are leaving the apps running in the background, then they are using data as they are checking for updates, all the time, and not just when you are actually interacting with the app.
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possible but the IM I mentioned - Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger - any activity on it goes through the BIS APN and is unlimited free for me every month (1 billing cycle of 30 days). So unlimited chat 24/7 and unlimited sending and receiving of emails on 10 email accounts i can configure on the portal is free.

If they are checking for updates, They won't succeed. I have tried check for updates and it immediately comes with an error coz the regular internet (GPRS) is BLOCKED and BROWSING DISABLED in my BIS PLAN. So there is no other browser icon (WAP Pushed Browser from the CARRIER) in my settings. Only Hotspot which uses Wi-Fi only. Under advanced options - browser push is disabled. under browser - only hotspot shows with dropdown disabled and under TCP/IP - APN is not checked so not configured. Still... grrrr irritating that i can't figure out.

The max my carrier can tell me is when the internet was accessed ... time n date... and it's as low as 10 kb and 20 kb in 2 billing cycles resp. They do not record which sites or what URL was accessed. Sad
And I do not have even 1 single add on application other than 1 theme, google talk and yahoo messenger. that's it. and that's why my free app memory is 129.3 MB.

So there is something that's using the internet APN and the charges my carrier claims are if you have used the BlackBerry device as a modem for internet for the PC. Again I asked them if that's possible for GSM, because I use GSM not CDMA. That time they say, no true it's not possible for GSM. And nor they nor I have a clue how it's happening. But it is definitely getting used - as less as 10 KB a month or max. 20 KB a month not more than that. So the charges are negligible. But it's not about how much money.. It's about what the leak is and how it's happening :(

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