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Default Re: Bis Outage On Vzw?

We have just shy of 200 users on a BES. Most are Verizon.

We've been getting reports for about a week of e-mails not coming through. A battery pull always fixed it.

Last week I was traveling in Ohio and Indiana with the guy in charge of the BES over a 3 day period. He had to pull his battery twice; I never did. The only thing different was that he was driving and I was surfing on my bb.

Today we had some time to work with a user and really dig into our BES logs.

We had two users with the issue. One was home with a sick child. This user was not moving, was receiving phone calls. She indicated that she had not received e-mails most of yesterday and that a slew came through at 12:43am.

In looking at the BES MAGT logs, I could see " Last HH Contact: 01/24/2011 11:55:57 AM" all yesterday afternoon, up until 12:43am this morning. Then, I had "coverage state=in coverage." That changed to "coverage state=out of coverage" at 3:44am.

When I spoke with her this morning, she was not seeing any mail come through. I had her check the "Mobile Network" setting under "Manage Connections." It showed good.

I had her see if she could browse. She could without issue.

However, as soon as she browsed, I got a "coverage state=in coverage" in the MAGT logs and e-mail went through.

Looking at other times we have had this issue recently, we are seeing the same thing. The battery pull is getting us back to "coverage state=in coverage." I'm not sure that is needed, though.

It's almost like Verizon is dropping phones off the internet connection unless they request data. Since the BES is push instead of pull, it isn't getting through to the phone until something happens to put the phone back on the internet.

To go back to my trip. Person sitting next to me with the same phone as I had was having to pull battery to get e-mail, but he was also not browsing or forcing an internet connection like I was.

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