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Default Re: Apple Puts Screws to iPhone Users, Resellers with Proprietary Lock Out

Originally Posted by wabbit View Post
oh noes people need to buy a 2.99 screwdriver to take the device apart again after service.

on a platform that is not made to be user friendly, the battery is permanent in the phone, and this will prevent (in apples) eyes people getting stiffed from 3rd party repair places who cant fix it in the first place.... tho i think those places also can afford a 3 bux screw driver. just saying.
Uhh, sorry, but you MISSED the point. We're not talking about 3rd party repair places. We're talking about the difference between paying Apple $80, sending your phone in, and losing all your data from it - vs popping the back cover off, slding in your new $16 OEM battery and sliding the back cover on in 30 seconds with no data loss - YOURSELF!

But then, you did nail it - "a platform that is not made to be user friendly."

Another way to put it - "a platform designed to wring additional excess $$$ from its userbase over its lifetime."
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