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Default Re: BIS - No Better Security than Web Based Mail

I was searching the net for this very issue because I was not sure. Not because I didn't care but, RIM is often referred as "most secure" but I know now that applies more for BES. My job doesn't subscribe to BES, but I still want security now what?

What does a regular person do?
Purchase a whole list of other products, lotus, exchange, CALs and BES if they want to secure their personal email accounts? Uh, it doesn't work like that

What would a small business do? I doubt all small businesses can afford BES but I am sure they all would want it

I think this was a very good post to share. To assume someone does not care just because they may lack the knowledge to inquire about it, is the reason society is messed up!
If it is common knowledge then this post should be a sticky, right....because everything that is all over the net is ALWAYS asked over and over again

I think it is better to say consumers are unaware about Internet security,SSL, ports, wifi, hot spots, routers etc.. Most people don't know these things!!
Some opt to never use a PC, smartphone because they assume it is all unsafe... well these types of post HELP, you've cleared the air!

Realistically if given the option, both services freely available, Who would really choose to have no SSL? No security? I think that is what the original poster was trying to express and I appreciate it!!
Still love BB though, better than them others! <IMO>
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