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Default I made the switch- Torch to Captivate: REAL Pros and Cons

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Anyone that has seem some of my random posts know that I've really wanted a true comparison on how the Android OS compares to the Blackberry OS in my everyday life. Just using the phone in the store isn't a good enough comparison for me.

I finally made the switch as and Android powered phone was the last phone I hadn't tried (I've used the iPhones and Blackberries for the past 5 years). I went from the Curve to the Edge iPhone to the Bold to the 3GS, back to the Bold (as the iPhone was definitely a phone NOT for me) and got the Torch back in August 2010.

I picked up the Captivate on Sunday for about $180 USD. I had a friend that let me use one of his 2 year contract prices so I was able to get the smoking deal without having to forfeit my Torch just in case I didnt like the Captivate.

My main intentions of this thread is for information. I'm not here to say the Torch sucks, go Android however that might be the way it sounds.

I won't be going back to the Torch as the negatives of it out weighs the positives compared to the Captivate only after 2 days.

Here are some of the differences that I've personally noticed between the two devices. I'm running the latest beta on the torch and the Captivate has been rooted and upgraded to the lastest OS with a custom rom as well.

- The BB doesn't come close to web browsing.
- The ring tones are louder on the BB however I'm sure there is a way to tweak the Captivate to ring louder and I just haven't found out how yet.
- Battery life is better on the BB but Im using the Captivate a lot more than the BB
- I listen to music off my SD card ALOT and the Captivate is REALLLY slow at getting the music started and browsing it. The BB was instant. The BB also plays the music louder than the Captivate EVEN with the amplifier app installed.
- Voice recognition seems to work a lot better on the Captivate.
- Apps seem to install faster and run a lot better as well.
- The Captivate fits between my face and shoulder better as well as in my hand.
- After removing the phone from your face, the Captivate is really slow to realize its not against your face anymore.
- The camera is actually a camera worth while to have on the Captivate. The BB camera is just unacceptable (and in my opinion cameras shouldn't even be on phones!)
- I had one mishap with the alarm on the Captivate and it didnt wake me up- that bothered me but I think it was more user error than anything :P
- The display is worth a million words on the Captivate.
I really do miss the status light on the BB. I'm so used to seeing a blinking light for messages, email, etc that I see it blinking on the Captivate when its not even there lol.

Anyhow, I'm happy with the Android OS. Its definitely the phone for me. Only after two days I'm very pleased with it. My Torch will be up for sale and the spare one that I have for parts in the next week or so.

I'll post things as I go along in case anyone is curious on how the comparison goes in the days to come. Feel free to ask any other additional questions regarding the two.

And as far as not having a physical keyboard, I really didnt notice it missing as much as I expected I would, which is truely why I stayed with BB this entire time and hated the iPhone so much. Swype is really cool and easier to use than I anticipated.


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