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Default Re: "You will ONLY use your iPhone for apps that WE let you use (and we make $$ on)!!

I would expect a lawsuit over this as basically Apple is limiting what you can do with a device you own. The only way I see this as legal is if Apple uses the argument that you are only "renting" the device and do not actually own it similiar to some of the logic (or illogic) that software makers use in legal matters. Since this is not part of the original purchase agreement I doubt this would hold up in court. The end result could be the Feds telling Apple that they have to make the hardware group and iTunes/App store two seperate corporations.

This is similiar to you buying a Mustang and Ford telling you that you have to buy gas from a certain vendor that is giving Ford a kickback. The kickback part is where things get rather questionable especially if you buy it used.
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