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Default Re: I made the switch- Torch to Captivate: REAL Pros and Cons

Originally Posted by tbird57 View Post
How is the captivate with email and pdf?
I plan on getting email setup later on this week as I haven't had a chance too just yet. On my BB I had (1) IMAP address, (1) Hotmail and (1) gmail account. Obviously all I have so far is the gmail account. I heard you can route all your mail through your gmail account but I haven't done that as I thought I'd see what third party applications may be available first. I know this is a BB forum but if anyone could shed some light on this I'd appreciate it.

As far as the PDF goes, is that supposed to be a like a smack in the face that it can't do it or a honest question? I haven't tried to view any invoices that are PDF as of yet but that will REALLY suck if its not able to view them. I always thought that was cool of the BB.
Originally Posted by DallasFlier View Post
Thanks for the comparison, seemed pretty balanced. Certainly that hi-res Super AMOLED display is beautiful. Regarding the camera, I wonder though if the difference you're perceiving in the two cameras is more a function of the display that you're looking at them on, rather than differences in the cameras themselves. Both cameras are 5 Mp, and appear to have essentially identical specs. I'm afraid for me the "no physical keyboard" is still a showstopper. I also wonder about the phone itself - haven't heard anything specifically negative about it, but I believe the actual "phone" in the iPhones is still far inferior to the BlackBerry, so I wonder.
I normally take notes on my BB at church and I wasn't able to quite yet with swype... I was very disapointed but again, I'm only on day three and I'm sure that i'll get used to it. I too was a big believer in the actual keyboard and still am but I'm amazed as what this little phone can do!

As far as the camera goes maybe your right, its more of the layout and such. I haven't compared picture to picture but just viewing them on the phone seemed like a better quality shot. I liked how on the Android software though you can focus the camera specifically rather quickly on a specific part in the photo and also shoot multiple shots faster than the typical pocket camera people have.
Originally Posted by rambo47 View Post
When I've used my Evo I've found a lot of those same pros/cons.

Messaging: BlackBerry still has no equal. Unified inbox anyone?
Screen: Are you kidding?? The Evo's 4.3" screen is gorgeous. And when using Google Maps and GPS the Evo pisses on the BlackBerry.
Battery: BlackBerry by a HUGE margin. Days vs. hours.
Camera: Evo all the way.
Browser: ANYthing is better than BlackBerry.

I think a lot of these factors hold true for almost all Android devices. It's all about how you use your mobile. Messaging: BlackBerry. This is still my #1 priority and all Android's other superiorities don't make up for this. If I were more into multimedia my Evo would be the clear choice. For now, however, my BlackBerry works the way I do.
I don't think I could have said it better (as I've been saying that all along). I use the phone for messaging and email mostly and all the extras are just kickers. Its just the extras the BB had were even kickers they were more of a let downer lol. I'm worried about the email setup and what exactly one means by Unified.

As far as the battery life goes... I'm still seeing about the same as of now but from what I read and hear it wont be long till I load this thing up with applications running in the background and really sucking the battery down quickly. I charge my phone every night before bed (bb or android) and I'm usually pretty safe.

I did notice though that if you do have a message or notification on the Android the menu buttons stay lit so thats kinda like a status light but no comparison really lol

I miss the flash light application on the Torch as well. You can't add a physical light to a phone through any application PERIOD. Also, no flash for picture is horrible too I suppose but again, cameras on phones, I mean com'on really?

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