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Default Re: I made the switch- Torch to Captivate: REAL Pros and Cons

Originally Posted by tbird57 View Post
How is the captivate with email and pdf?
Originally Posted by DallasFlier View Post
Thanks for the comparison, seemed pretty balanced. Certainly that hi-res Super AMOLED display is beautiful. Regarding the camera, I wonder though if the difference you're perceiving in the two cameras is more a function of the display that you're looking at them on, rather than differences in the cameras themselves. Both cameras are 5 Mp, and appear to have essentially identical specs. I'm afraid for me the "no physical keyboard" is still a showstopper. I also wonder about the phone itself - haven't heard anything specifically negative about it, but I believe the actual "phone" in the iPhones is still far inferior to the BlackBerry, so I wonder.
Originally Posted by rdef View Post
REAL pros and cons?

This is REAL?: "After removing the phone from your face, the Captivate is really slow to realize its not against your face anymore."

Oh brother...another worthless comparison...
Yeah thats a REAL difference between my Torch and my Captivate because the Torch was always really quick to respond where the Captivate isn't. Now if that's a setting which can be fixed I haven't found it yet. Thanks for the worthless addition to my thread
Maybe the screen isn't as sensitive or something- I dunno.

I noticed the Captivate fits between my shoulder and ear better (hands free without the handsfree device lol). The overall "feel" of the device in my hand is nicer too imo.

I still haven't found a fix for the quite ring tones.

The syncing software (which isn't available for my phone) is non existent.

I had some other things that I wanted to share but since the server had some issues, I wasn't able to log in for the past three days :(


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