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Default Re: I made the switch- Torch to Captivate: REAL Pros and Cons

Originally Posted by duane534 View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Captivate lacking a camera flash?

As far as web browsing is concerned, it is really nice to have native Flash support, but there are a number of third-party browsers for BlackBerry that render Flash off-device and stream it to you. Not an ideal solution, but people should be aware it's out there.

On the Fascinate, at least, the ringer just ISN'T loud. You can't make it loud. It's the hardware.

Battery life won't improve with more email accounts. If you run your alternate accounts THROUGH your Gmail account, it won't get worse. But, if you add them as pull accounts, you will either get emails fast(-ish) or have short battery life. Both isn't an option.

The lag time with the memory card is odd. That shouldn't happen. Perhaps, you have background processes slowing the audio codecs?

Voice recognition IS better, but it isn't local. It goes OTA to Google. Thus, it will consume your data plan and not work when there's no data connection.

Apps being faster is more due to the chipset of the phone than the platform. Try doing it on a Motorola Backflip. LOL

Your mention of lag time with the proximity sensor SCREAMS lag due to background apps. The Galaxy S phones are top-tier (or close to). You need a task killer.

The Captivate display is absolutely gorgeous, but it's likely part of your battery issues, too. Try dialing down the screen a bit with the Power Control widget.

There are Android phones with LED notifications. Just not the Galaxy Ses.

Swype is pretty awesome. I'm a SureType guy myself (for when my Torch is in portrait-mode, but I don't have the keyboard out for some reason).

I wouldn't offload the BlackBerries so quick. I did EXACTLY what you did in between my Bold 9700 and Torch. You work to justify why you left your BlackBerry. Thing is, those quirks will irritate you more and more. Enough missed calls due to quiet ringtones... Not to mention due to a dead battery. Staring at your phone because of the proximity sensor lag or staring at it because of a dead battery gets no more done than starting at it due to an hourglass.

Regardless, Godspeed...
This is loaded with great information. Before I made the switch I wasn't able to find alot of information on the difference between the two phones. And like I said before its hard to really compare two phones side by side until you really take each them into your everyday life style.

As for me, charging the phone once a day is all I ask for. I suppose some of you that are using the phone alot of emailing on multiple accounts or text messaging/BBMing all day will benefit from the BB battery life.

My phone doesnt have a camera with a flash which isn't a big deal. I apologize if I misinformed you. I'm missing the "flash light" app more than the actual flash that the BB provided.

I didnt know that flash was available for the Torch however my complaint wasn't not having flash it was the lack of, not even a good but decent browser. If I wanted to look something up quick, 9 out of 10 times I was asking my wife for her iPhone- this is a red flag in my book that my cell phone isn't doing its job (or a prime a example of user error on my part! :P)

The lag time on the SD card has improved.. It almost seemed like you mentioned I had too many applications running or maybe the card had to be indexed in the file system? I haven't had much of a problem with that lately.

I've got the task killer and I use it quite frequently but proximity sensor just doesn't work like the Torch did.

I have found that the navigation keys on the phone do light up when you have a missed email, text or phone call so its good enough for me as a status light.

The email is an issue and I'm working on that but as of right now my main email is gmail and I have one more imap account and it seems to be syncing properly.

As the ringtones go I didnt know I couldn't make them louder. I thought forsure with the AMP gain on the headphones they'd have something similar for the ringtones. We'll see how this goes then lol.

I sold the Torch today- I got $475 for the used one and the used one that was broken due to the genius that washing it in the machining machine. I made out on the deal and the captivate was cheap. If push comes to shove I'll buy a 9700.

Originally Posted by duane534 View Post
You can sync with your PC. Just install Google Sync to the PC and attach it to the same Gmail account as is on your phone. Similar premise to Desktop Manager, just OTA. That's how Google likes it.
Thanks for the suggestion- I dont sync a lot I just wanted to transfer my contacts from my bb to the Captivate.

Originally Posted by Max Peck View Post
Interesting thread. Makes me wonder, though - are you trying to convince us that you're happy with the switch or yourself?

Your probably right, I'm trying convince myself haha, jk. Really though I was just trying to bring the facts to the forefront. These are the comparisons, likes and dislikes that I came across in my everyday life. I was just trying to contribute to the forum is all.

I think there are more lurkers on here then participating members- hell I'm probably one of them :D

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