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Originally Posted by BBAdmin
Don't get me wrong guys, it's all a good chuckle but that one hacked me off a bit and just seems counter productive - it's like starting a website about how cool custom bikes are, and then posting an article on your homepage about how many people die on motorbikes!!!!!
what a lame analogy.

your example would be responsible reporting. something that would interest "custom bike enthusiasts" is anything which might make someone stop and consider "what can i do to further promote my hobby?". certainly, avoiding activities and practices that would call attention to its negative aspects would be a good start. therefore, by highlighting examples of the dangers of the "hobby", you would in fact be promoting it by helping to prevent future "bad news".

(this is why haberdashers don't showcase skinheads to promote suspenders)

anyway, when a website is labeled as "the official, unofficial..." that means it is in no way directly related to or supported by the owners/creators of whatever that statement concludes with. RIM didn't post that, and i'd say "sorry you were confused by that", by the only one who owes you an apology is the culprit who stole your sense of humor.

(and your sarcasm detector)