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Default Re: Google Contacts Sync

I've had a different, but equally frustrating, experience with BIS sync and Gmail contacts, particularly street addresses.

They get corrupted, over time.

The BB Contact app has fields for street, city, state/province, postal code. Gmail Contacts doesn't. In Gmail there's just one box, and the whole address goes in it. So when you put an address into the BB, the separation of address elements goes away when it's synced to Gmail. And of course, if you enter an address in Gmail, the whole thing will appear in the first "street" field on the BB. Not only that, but an address that starts out as separate fields on the BB will eventually get synced back to the BB as one chunk of text, in the first street address field.

I can live with all that. As long as I have the address, I don't need it separated out into fields the way BB likes to do it.

For some reason, however, over time certain address get chewed up. In particular, the number and street go away, and sometimes the state too. So if I start out with

123 Park Ave

...a day or a week later, I may only have




...on both the BB and in Gmail on the web. I can't reproduce this behavior at will, but it keeps happening, and tends to happen with certain contacts and not others.

I do not have the Google sync app on my BB. I do not have T-Mobile backup running. I do not have any other sync app/service running. I had this problem in OS 5 on my 8900 as well, and now on all versions of OS 6 that I've tried on my 9780 (currently .448).

Any ideas what might be going on?
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