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Default Re: Pushing 3rd Party Apps

Originally Posted by Dougsg38p View Post
And your company has a BES server? Don't you have a BES administrator?

Here is the link to the RIM Java developer resource site:

Java Development - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

Anyway, if your app uses "restricted" API's, then it must be signed. This is just common-sense security. Your developer should know this, and he should have signed the build after he completed it.

This brings me to yet another issue: if the app is not signed, then it was apparently never tested on a device. Are you sure you want to push it to your company's users?

Just some friendly advice: stop and re-evaluate what you are doing here. If your developer didn't have the sense to sign & test the app, get someone else to take a look at it.
Well I am not a kid, it was more of a jokingly comment. I am the blackberry administrator, just getting into the field and normally we wouldnt push apps to the phone, in my environment we just lock the phone down and give it to the user. Bossman asked if we could use this app on a couple of users devices, we do not have a developer to sign and test apps, that is sorta what I am trying to do here with trying to get the signing keys. I have tried to contact the developer of the software I downloaded from their website about the issue but I have not received a response back. I am trying to do research and test it with the simulator and a test device before I attempt to send it out on our users. In the simulator I can load it up fine with no API issues. I just have to wait for a response from the developer.
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