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Default Re: samsung captivate vs BB 9700

Been there, done that. 10 years with BlackBerrys, then I moved to Android. First I got the Samsung Epic 4G because I thought I HAD to have a physical keyboard. Didn't like the Epic's keyboard so I went with an Evo. No keyboard, but the monstrous screen (4.3") made a virtual keyboard not only usable but enjoyable.

There are a ton of things I like about the Evo, but I learned they were not Android things so much as HTC Evo things. What made me switch back after several months of Evo use was missing the email handling of the BlackBerry. Nothing does messaging like a RIM device. I found I was trying to make the Evo do email like my Bold 9650, and I was also not taking advantage of the Android strong points like multimedia and web browsing. That giant screen is addictive, but in the end I found that for my usage it wasn't so useful. So I re-activated my Bold and I'm happy as a clam (clams are VERY happy).

If you have a hankering to try Android, by all means give it a shot. The Captivate is a Galaxy S family member and is highly rated. It's basically the Epic without the keyboard. You won't believe how gorgeous the Super AMOLED screen is. Your biggest problem is likely to be battery life. It takes a lot of juice to power that 4" screen with such vibrant colors, in spite of the efficiency of the AMOLED technology. There has been some griping about Samsung being slow to get newer versions of Android out to their devices. Honestly, I find that's a tempest in a teapot. Froyo, Gingerbread, whatever. Android 2.x is fine no matter what the flavor. My Epic has 2.1 and my Evo has 2.2. I don't see any big difference.
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