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Default Re: Another Android Flirtations Comes and Goes

Had a Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile) and was thrilled when the CIO wanted to have it. He needs 2-3 battery changes PER DAY to use it with push e-mail. Luckily I gave him three batteries.

Bought a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It's OK. The iPad is more usable. I like that it is not tied to Apple's store, but it can't do HTML e-mail and that stinks, and the US carriers have disabled voice features on it.

Was given a Xoom as a demo. 30 days. Sent it back after 14. It was OK; Honeycomb was a step up from Frodo, but it wasn't a game changer.

I'm with Rambo on this one - I just don't think Android is that great. I assume I'd feel differently if I wanted to root it and load another ROM, blah, blah, blah. But I don't.

So I will stick with my BB and my iPad. Works for me.
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