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Default Re: Wish(es) for future OS Upgrades for Torch

I'd like the L shortcut back for the browser, to display the URL of the link the cursor is on.

Column mode in the browser was handy, despite it making a mess of lots of websites. At least you could be sure you saw it all. The new zoom and rearrange thingy is quite good, but you know there's more stuff out to the sides, and you have to scroll to see what it is.

I wouldn't mind being able to rotate the screen while the keyboard is out, despite that not making sense if you want to type something. The extra width is good for reading webpages and emails, and I'm sick of sliding the keyboard in and out to do it.

I repeat others' request for a better locking system. I've resorted to pressing K on the keyboard (like on the Bold, etc), but it's only available if you enable the password, and I'm getting sick of typing the password in.
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