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laman, alot of carriers have been coming out with new limited Blackberry plans for really low prices ($10-$15 vs $30-$35) The difference between the two is that the limited plans are capped usage of 200mb of data vs restricted usage of more than 5gb of data.

I know you say you have no use for the data function on the phone, but if you give the very lowest (cheapest the carrier offers) plan a try you may find out it is of allot more use to you than you might think.

I first got a Blackberry because I wanted to use the push email function to help me keep up with my work email (I spend alot of time driving around) Like you, I had no use for any smartphone functions, never had one, never wanted one. I never even used SMS/MMS text on my old phone, even though I had unlimited texting on my plan for my wife and daughter.

After I got my new phone my life became so much easier with the push email function that shortly I discovered I couldn't live without it (instant office in your pocked) Later on I started using the UMA/Wi-Fi settings to overcome the problems of missed call while in buildings. A friend at work uses Blackberrys and he talked me into using BBM (Blackberry Messenger) to keep in touch on short topic messages during the day, and now I use it with several different people on a regular basis. I started to play with the Blackberry internet browser one day when I needed some weather information before scheduling some work to be done outside, now I've downloaded a weather application that I use continually when scheduling anything. I've even started using an application for keeping up with the sports scores and games that are going on during the week.

I guess the point I'm trying to make to you is if you had told me I needed this phone, and its services 10 months ago (and thats how long I've owned it), just like you I would have told you your out of your mind, its a total waste of good money. Now I cant see how I can get along without it.

Oh yeah, and here's the good part, Blackberries are so good at compressing data that I've discovered I don't need the $25 unlimited plan that I signed up for and I've switched to the $10 200mb plan because I do all the things I've told you about and never go over 10mb to 15mb of use a month.

So, if you care to take the advice of someone who couldn't have agreed with you more 1 year ago, give it a try for a couple of bucks a month, and if its not for you, you can always cancel your BB service, sell the phone on ebay, and buy a regular one.
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