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Default Re: confused about adding on a data plan to an existing family plan

You...didn't quite answer my question. My question is whether it would be possible in the first place to keep my family's monthly plan, get a BB, and just pay like $30, whatever the rate is, extra for the internet? Because the entire package is at least $60 and that would mean extra money for talk + text which my family's plan already has. I wouldn't want my parents to break me off from the family plan and pay so much for an individual plan just so I can get a blackberry.

It's a very simple question really, since I'm not tech-savvy at all, in other words in switching from a dumbphone to a BB would I have to get a completely new voice plan or could I just pay an extra fee for the data.

I ask because in my research, people keep saying a data plan is required for BB's and that it is $30 a month for unlimited (other times people say its as low as $10 or $20???), but on the T-Mobile website there's only an option for the entire package, minutes, texting, and everything, not an internet add-on to a different T-Mobile non-smartphone plan, for $59.99 for only 200mb.

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