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Default Re: Not leaving BB but looking at Droids

Several little things really irked me when I found them missing from Android. One was the unified email inbox. Even the aftermarket solutions were nowhere near as smooth and streamlined as BlackBerry email. Another was custom alerts for text messages and email depending on the sender.

In the end, these features available on BlackBerry but not on Android proved a big part of how I work. Also, the really spiffing features of my Evo were not things I used to be productive on a day-to-day basis. When I was honest with myself about how I use my phone and what I really expect of it, the choice between Android and BlackBerry made itself.

I did the same thing with some Nokia phones, Palm Treos, and even the Palm Pre. In every case I eventually found myself trying to make each one more like a BlackBerry. So much more sensible to simply use a real BlackBerry. There are compromises BlackBerry users have to make too. Web browsing on RIM's offerings has been a painful experience just about forever. The BB Torch seems to have improved the browsing experience greatly, but it still can't compare to Android. And my BlackBerry Bold's screen pales in comparison to the Evo's screen. Maps and GPS certainly work on my BlackBerry but again, the screen size of the Evo make navigating via GPS and Google Maps a joy.

The final trump card for BlackBerry over Android is battery life. One of the compromises you make for powering such a beautiful screen is less time between charging cycles. At the end of the day, after medium to heavy use, I have plenty of power left in my BlackBerry when my Evo would be shutting itself off due to a low battery. I HATE having to constantly worry about my schedule, meetings, etc, and wonder if I'll have enough power left on my Evo to make it home or back to my desk where I can recharge. If I strap on one of those extended batteries my large but slim and sexy Eve becomes a brick in my pocket. And it still doesn't last as long as my BlackBerry, even with this hump back battery pack. I lose what little pocket-ability the Evo provided, something I prize on my BlackBerry.

Plenty of my concerns would simply not apply to other people. It's all a completely subjective set of criteria and will differ for each person.
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