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Originally Posted by cajoker View Post
I have an 8220 and it's the worst cellphone I've ever had from a hardware quality perspective. (My husband used to have a different BB model, and his worked great.) For the 8220, I have to pull out the battery probably four or five times a week to clear the phone. The first device I had failed entirely after several months. I've now gone through three other devices for the Bluetooth antenna failure.

I will never purchase a Blackberry again. I have no respect for a company that doesn't have a "factory recall" or different model replacement program when customer after customer report the same Bluetooth antenna failure.

I also have no respect for T-Mobile that they can't apply pressure on Blackberry to do the right thing.
Yeah, I've got to agree with you about the bluetooth problem, it's not something that should be happening as often as it has happened with the 8220.

I own 3 of these phones, and have had bluetooth problems with 2 of them. I am very lucky that I have friends that can pretty safely fix a flow solder problem. This problem hasn't been as widespread with other Blackberrys.

I will on the other hand make one point that my techie friends have said to me about this. Every time I have had a problem with the bluetooth, just prior to that I dropped the phone, or hit it against something, it didn't seem like it was partially my fault because the bluetooth problems didn't happen at the moment I did this, but they have made it quite clear to me that the phone isn't doing this to itself. The one new 8220 that I have (and use) has never been dropped or hit against anything, and it has never had a bluetooth problem.

Now, I am not saying it is not RIMs fault because this phone should not be so delicate that you can't bump into something with it on your belt and not have problems.

I'm pretty sure that 99% of the phones with bluetooth problems will be found to be manufactured with Mexico 3 or Mexico 4 stamped on them, and I'm guessing that it was a problem with that manufacturing site.

The only thing I will say in RIMs defense for not doing anything about this is that they are not the only company using substandard electronic, or for that matter most any parts, or piece of new equipment. I know this because I deal with a lot of repair parts and equipment that is now manufactured overseas, and we have a huge amount of trouble with new, just out of the box, parts and equipment. A lot of what we get to repair things with is useless broken junk when when we put it in, and the really sad thing is there is no longer somewhere else to go to for what you need.

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