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Default Re: Odd Issue w/ Pause Dialing

Thank you, ST

Well, here's the skinny. Pause dialing works - sort of.....

I used it a no. of times today - calling the same no. & extension

I learned the Pause count down begins at the same time the no. is dialed - NOT when the call is answered on the other end.

Pretty poor design as one never knows how many rings there'll be b4 the call is answered and the OGM begins.

There were a no. of times the dialer entered the extension w/in just a few seconds of dialing - b4 the call was answered.

Other times, the extension was entered at a different time during the OGM for ea. phone call.

I believe the quality of reception may have played a roll

I also believe the inconsistency can be attributed to the countdown being handled locally (on the phone by the BB dialer) while the calling is handled remotely by the carrier.

The dialer starts counting at the same time it starts dialing while the carrier will take varying lengths of time to execute the connection - depending upon signal strength.

Doesn't make sense to me but that appears to be how the BB dialer (OS6) functions - it's either buggy or poorly designed...

BTW, I had FIVE pauses (P's) entered b4 the extension and STILL the dialer entered the extension b4 the call was answered on several instances.

So, it's dooable - using the Pause - but it (the BB dialer) is poorly designed in its execution of it.

I'm gonna start looking for an alternative dialer. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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