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Originally Posted by sedated
This can go two ways though. It can be considered free advertising, but on the flip side it could also put an even more negative spin on the situation in the eyes of potential new users. A lot of folks I have talked to are weary off getting a BB even though I am a new user and whoring my addiction to my crackberry like there is no tomorrow to them. They are just scared to make any sort of move on it.

If things do go bad, which I doubt but I have seen weirder things happen, I would have time to return my 8700 and get a Nokia E61, which is the only thing I would think about get in the same vain as the 8700. No more Palm for me, and WM is a joke.
off your topic here but I was curious what your prob with the palm is? I am just waiting for Nextel to get a palm with the direct connect then am gonna jump all over it. I havent heard much bad press on them so I was just curious.
sorry to change the subject.
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