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Default Re: Bolds not charging

Originally Posted by tsac View Post
You have discovered the problems with micro and mini USB sockets. If users dont treat the electronics with care and subject them to "abuse" then you will see connection issues. The pins will bend if users wiggle the connector when pushing it into the socket.
Pity the whole phone world is changing over to them then. Hopefully micro USB is a little better. They ought to be - this is from
The newer Micro-USB receptacles are designed for up to 10,000 cycles of insertion and removal between the receptacle and plug, compared to 1500 for the standard USB and 5000 for the Mini-USB receptacle. This is accomplished by adding a locking device and by moving the leaf-spring connector from the jack to the plug, so that the most-stressed part is on the cable side of the connection. This change was made so that the connector on the less expensive cable would bear the most wear instead of the more expensive micro-USB device.
Not much you can do except try to educate them.
I did advise them to be careful when we changed over from the 8800s to the Bolds. The 8800s were an absolute disaster in this respect, with the inside of the sockets of 1 in 3 eventually almost ripping right out. The Bolds have been almost trouble free till now, and if the new phones will have micro USB with double the durability then we should be ok this time. Even better if it will be the cables failing, because they're much less hassle to replace.

I'll still advise them to be gentle with the new phones when we upgrade, but I feel that the main factor is simply the number of insertions, not how the insertions are done.
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