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PS. However the back is not so tight that it was fairly easily removed by a monkey last week while on vacation in Kenya. We were staying at a hotel overlooking a watering hole on the slope of Mount Kenya. I was curious as to where we were so enabled the gps on my torch and in order to get a clear view of the sky put the blackberry on the ledge of our balcony overlooking the watering hole. I went inside for a second to talk to my wife and before I knew it a monkey had the torch in its hand, looking at it. Panic stricken, I ran inside and got a muffin which I hoped would be a good trade, but the monkey took off with my blackberry, fortunately along other balconies and not in the opposite direction into the jungle. I alerted other occupants along the balcony trail as well as hotel staff. At one point the monkey had the torch its month and was trying to eat it. Eventually it tired of the torch and dropped it from its third story perch to a first floor overhang below.
Staff retrieved the torch by poking it from the first floor overhang to the ground. It was retrieved in three parts, the back and battery having been taken apart by the monkey.
I put it together, and after the added step of taking out the sim card and reinserting it, the torch works perfectly. In fact I subsequently took pictures on my torch for lions, elephants etc and e-mailed them back to Toronto to our children. (Can’t wait to get the bill for the data roaming charges). I upgraded to OS .546 without incident earlier today.
I pulled the battery the other day and noticed a large tooth mark on the battery. I guess the “nut” inside the blackberry was not to the monkey’s liking. There are also minute marks on the exterior from the monkey’s teeth.
I had previously thought about returning the torch for a replacement because of excess travel in the slider, (probably cannot do it now because of the abuse the torch took from the monkey) but am kind of proud of the battle scars and the story it evokes.
Would I be able to tell the same story with the same happy ending if it had been an iPhone? I think not.
Too bad no one took a picture of the monkey with the torch. That would have been the icing on the cake.
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