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Default Re: Wireless Mobility Strategy

Originally Posted by b52junebug View Post
Last week if you attended BBWC, you heard an overwhelming amount of advice and questions around Wireless Mobility Strategy.

It was a little unnerving to hear how many organizations are with out any strategy. Most companies are taking mobility and throwing solutions at the problem to see what sticks.

What is your organization doing?
I was noticing a lot of folks that didn't have anything in place for a strategy. Just getting BlackBerrys out there and make 'em work.
No security, no failover, no DR plan. It was quite shocking.

We have a clear security policy in place that applies to all devices. Password, encryption, everything.
BES HA is in place with the HA in a completely separate facility.
BESMgmt is backed up incrementally each night; full back up weekly.
Servers are VM snapshots.
DR plan in place with updated off-site storage with a 3rd party company of data, backups and snapshots as stated above. All information is sent to them on a weekly basis.

We are currently looking into allowing personal devices in the workplace including iPhones and Droids. Support disclaimers are being written and IT polices will be the same as BES.

How's that for a strategy?
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