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Default Re: Help! BB Internet Service / new version / locked me out

I had a similar problem and a complete reload of the OS via a ThinkPad was the only answer.

It all began when I wanted to make my BB calendar sync wirelessly with my GMail calendar. I needed to use the Setup app to verify the security/settings for my GMail account and get wireless sync enabled. But when I opened Setup my BlackBerry immediately informed me there was an update available and I could not proceed until I updated. So I did. After what seemed like a simple update, the restart hung and wouldn't complete. I let it sit for half an hour trying to complete the reboot on it's own, but no soap.

Battery pulls did nothing. It continued to hang at the same point. The only thing to do was a complete re-install of the OS, and for that you still need Windows. I used AppLoader.exe which is part of the Desktop Manager program. That sorted everything.

On an Intel-based Mac you can run Windows. Bootcamp is one option, as is simply setting up your Mac as a dual-boot system and running Windows natively. Parallels, I'm told, doesn't always work with OS reloads on BlackBerry. Something about USB ports not having full functionality. I got an old ThinkPad for probably less than a copy of Windows, and keeping the stray pc around the house has been a good idea, especially for phone stuff. An aging ThinkPad X31 running Windows XP has been fine for me.

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