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Default Re: Blackberry 9500 Worst Handset ever

I used an original Storm for a couple weeks back when it was first released. It was beginning to make me HATE BlackBerrys. It was not the blackberry experience I was used to, and certainly not the one I was expecting.

1; Painful to type on. The need to click down on the screen for each letter was stupid, and there were many more "features" of this screen that made me scratch my head.
2; Laggy OS. Oh. My. God. How was this anything but a beta release? Felt more like an Alpha actually. And updates did little to relieve it.
2;Freezes were common, especially when changing from landscape to portrait orientation. Not only did this cause a ton of lag, but it also froze the device completely sometimes. And that gets old real fast.

The Storm 2 never eliminated these issues. They were lessened, but the device remained issue-prone and substandard for RIM in my opinion. A lot of this is probably the fault of the hardware. Slow processor, not enough memory, etc. The Storm 3, aka "Volt", has a chance to finally get it all right but I remain a skeptic. I see why RIM is dropping the "Storm" name as it's become synonymous with "Lemon".
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