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Default Re: BlackBerry Torch 9800 OS Leaked

Originally Posted by DallasFlier View Post
Another report after a week or so of usage. I honestly think that the "battery usage" of different releases isn't really that the battery is drained a lot more by one than by another. Rather, I think its differences in the parameters the OS uses to measure the battery level. This one is quite a bit different than .337 was. The indicator seems to stay pretty high for quite a while, but as it drops the rate at which it drops accelerates, so it appears that the battery is then draining quite rapidly. But it also appears to be able to go a whole lot lower before the OS turns off the radio due to low battery. I've successfully made more than one call with the battery level indicating 8%.

So - all in all I don't like the way the battery usage display works on this release, vs. the .337 I had before. .337 battery drain was much more linear, while this one starts out slow then drops like a rock, but hangs in for calls at a very low displayed level. Having said all that, I honestly think the real battery life is about the same.
I don't experience this at all. Originally I had .226 which was really bad. Battery would drain in hours. I then upgraded to .448 and the battery would last days, and I have found the same with this release. So I'm not sure your hypothesis is a valid one. But of course we all use our phones differently.
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