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Example quotes from this thread.
Originally Posted by Guess
The last month, my data charges were as follows:

Data - Data Usage-Monthly Plan = 25,600.00kb $000.00
Data - Other Data = 35,861.44kb $251.03

Thats $250 extra dollars a month!!!!

And lets not start with the month before that, when I was installing programs OTA, that month was significantly worse.
Originally Posted by Mark Rejhon
I paid over $1000 total for three months to Rogers for data overusages over a 3-month period (Dec 2004, Jan 2005, Feb 2005)
Originally Posted by mobile_pheen
i had a 1700$ bill 200 for voice and 1500 for data in december i almost had a instant heart attack when i saw it..

and yeaa there was data usage on my bill on days i didnt use my BB @ all.. wtf.. :S
Originally Posted by spindizzy
Sorry to resurrect an old thread and simultaneously open old wounds, but I thought I'd take a moment to vent, and also to check if I might have possibly set a new record.

My Rogers bill for January includes overage charges in excess of $420 CAD.

That's right, my data usage was 87,926KB.
Originally Posted by shadowbox
My $60 "unlimited" bill always came to around $300 per month. Eventually I just couldn't afford this anymore so I had to give up using the blackberry for the things i had bought it for, ssh and IM. Now all I use it for is email and I'm basically waiting for my term to expire, at which point I'll switch over to another provider.
Originally Posted by headtailgrep
I'm up to 25 megs... how? Google local (mostly). It easily consumed 10 megs above and beyond what i normally use..

Rogers needs to increase their silly cap..
Originally Posted by 514HH
I've been extremely frustrated by the 25MB cap and have paid stupid amounts of overage charges to Rogers. Lead the way Guess!
This is just a small sampling. There are over a hundred people, posting on several different forums over the last few months, of data overage charges on the Rogers Unlimited Data Plan.

To Sign The Petition, click:
And then click the "Sign Petition" button at the bottom of the page.

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