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Default Re: Style won't recognize when it's in the holster

Well, my Style still doesn't recognize when it's in the holster, which I HATE, but I decided to keep it.

Frankly, with trying to run a pool business, finding the time to deal with phone BS like this just isn't easy this time of year, so I'm tolerating my Style for now.

Essentially, I have it set to ring and alert at all times as if it were in the holster - which means I miss a lot of calls and alerts while I'm driving. I've thought about just setting up 2 different profiles - 1 for when I'm working in my store and 1 for when I'm on the road, but frankly, as lazy as it may sound, I know I'll forget (or not want to bother with) changing profiles back and forth 2 or 3 or 7 times a day. I shouldn't HAVE to. This product SHOULD be able to perform the simple task of recognizing when it's in the darn holster.

To say I'm dissatisfied with BB's/Sprint's customer service on this one is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I know I could have gone to yet another Sprint for a 3rd try on another Style, but I'm beyond wasting more time on that. At this point, I'm gonna use the Style through the summer, then go shop for another cell provider and phone brand this fall - which means switching over my phone and about a dozen employees as well. After about 8 years of owning BBs, and really liking them up until now, I think I'm done with them.

Oh yeah, the lack of battery life on this Style kinda sucks as well. I'd say I'm getting about half or just a bit better than half the battery life as I did with the World Editions I had in the past. I do like the Style's lack of tradional trackball that would mess up at times, but this friction sensor (or whatever they call it) has its drawbacks as well.

Oh well, but thanks for your concern on this. You've demonstrated more concern for my nit-picky situation than either Sprint or BB has.
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