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Default Re: RIM is black-burying carriers with half-baked BlackBerrys

Wow, you guys are the one who are out of touch with reality. For one RIM should be taking notes. # 2 this site should hope that RIM is monitoring this site.

Guess what else. Right now RIM really needs to "jump into action". There has never ever ever been a better time in RIM'S history to do nothing other than to "jump into action". Right here and now. You people are CLUE LESS!!! You guys are like "the ship is sinking what the F*&^ should we do now. I know lets mock and bash anyone who tells us other wise". That's absolutely brilliant!
You know you guys are so smart that RIM should fire Jim and Mike and put you guys in charge.

So your reasoning is that RIM should just dig its head in the sand, is that it??

Bye bye RIM. I hope little ole me is going to scare this company into shape!

But somehow I get the feeling that because my points are fact and valid. You clearly can come back with any good argument other than bashing my character. I wouldn't be surprised to have my account closed and IP banned. If you do this then I have clearly won the battle. This simply mean that my arguments are too much for this site and your only recourse is to mute me. Get real. Come back when you can grow up and speak like an adult.

Have a nice day!
“The best way I can describe BlackBerry is as a one-trick pony,” said Charlie Wolf, an analyst for Needham & Co.
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