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Default Re: New 9300 battery problem / question

Been several weeks but here is what is up and what isn't.
AT&T replaced the phone (phone, battery, charger, SIM) - the works. My company "deleted" me and added me again as a new user. The problem seemed to go away. Phone worked fine and battery usage was normal. That lasted for 10 days and the problem re-appeared in the middle of the day. I've been in class and hadn't taken the phone out until noon. At that point the battery seemed fully charged. Five hours later the battery was at half charge and it has been running like that ever since. It uses 10% or more of the battery every hour. If you sit and watch the screen every few minutes the "clock" spins on the dial for 30 seconds or more and you can't do anything else.

I have been doing some checking on the phone and if you look at the application details for the phone app it shows it using 90% or more of the cpu for 30 seconds and then down to nothing and then back up. It shows, for instance that I used the phone for 17 hours yesterday, 2+days this week - last week 41 seconds.
I'm not making calls - I made 1 this week but the phone application is just burning up time. I assume this isn't normal.
Any ideas folks? Since this is the second phone and a completely new set up from a company that runs thousands of blackberry's I can't imagine what it could be. Could it be an AT&T issue?
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