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Default Re: OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

Originally Posted by given2fly View Post
i don't know how many OSs you've installed on ur torch, but i've installed every single one since .248 or whatever it was. the first at$t os. Meaning, that when you've gone through that many OSs, you notice the smallest of the smallest details ie, the install process (which varies from .x00 to .x00), the boot differences, and probably the most important pice of info that will tell me how an OS will behave once it settles in...the startup after the 1st reboot. once that happens, i begin to sign in and log into all f my 29 app (i can't hit 30 for the life of me lol), and during that process i see how the OS behaves in relatively every, way.

you don;t need 24 hours to tell if the battery drains faster or slower, u need an hour because once u begin f-ing with ur bb and ur battery vanishes...gee, i

like i can tell u if u really wanna know, what issues i had with every .5xx release. there's a reason why I'm still on .486 and it's not that forgot to update my profile. even with .600 i can describe to you the freezing issues im having on a constant basis while typing albeit using the virtual or physical keyboard. i use my bb in a particular way and from all the OSs i've used, .486 does it for me. to each is own because every person uses their BB differently, SO...i don't just make things up.

so yes, i can tell within 2 hours of install pretty much everything about the OS.

any more questions?
No more questions, just an observation... Having spent a number of years in software development, and having run a number of beta programs - any beta user who thought or claimed that they "can tell within 2 hours of install pretty much everything about the OS" is pretty useless as a beta tester - because that's a fairly absurd claim.
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