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Default Re: RIM is black-burying carriers with half-baked BlackBerrys

Whatever, haters gonna hate.

Morons can come on here and talk all they want about RIM dying etc.

Fact: RIM is a debt free company with almost $1Bn in profit so far this year.

Fact: RIM has been working incredibly hard to revamp products and transition towards more powerful OSes (you can't deny QNX is the most powerful mobile platform... you could literally run iOS and Android on top of QNX and it would all run smooth)

Fact: It isn't all about apps... most people install and use less than 50. RIM has a few good advantages. Apple xxxxed themselves with Facebook... there's only one single Facebook app that is made for tablets, and that's on the Blackberry.

In-house apps are being developed and are looking great

Facebook 2.0
Blackberry Traffic
Blackberry Travel
Blackberry News Feeds
Blackberry Protect
Blackberry Mobile Conferencing

It is clear that RIM is trying... I mean just look at the Bold 9900 coming August/September.

Most that have had hands on are fairly happy with how it is turning out. Its screen is only second to an iPhone 4. It has a woven glass-fibre back plate, it's as slim as an iPhone 4, and it has the keyboard everyone loves... OS7 IS actually shaping up well.

Having friends that work at RIM in many different areas (testers, programmers, gov't relations) I can tell you they're not done any time soon.

Do I think Jim and Mike need to stop this co-CEO thing? Yes.
Do I think RIM needs to push for more innovation? Yes.

Do I see RIM as a dead ship in the water? No.

Any moron can say "ohh its end of days - sent from my iPhone” but they really don't understand the true aspects of the technology market, and most likely they couldn't tell you how most technology works other than "I love my iPhone its got apps"

I've dropped my BB Torch on concrete from 4-5 feet on multiple occasions. I've drunkenly slammed it on a table, over and over again.... the thing is indestructible.... You want to talk quality? This thing is a tank.

And xxxx the providers for taking 6 months to test a build of an OS that can STILL be a little buggy once they release it. Bugs happen, its freaking software.
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