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Default Re: BlackBerry vs iPhone

Originally Posted by Jhamika View Post
I have a problem with this. Yes i know there is craploads of posts with bb vs iphone but im posting this becuz i need a little bit of help on something. well i am pretty much the only one in my family who has a BB and the rest have iphones. I get ripped on the BB becuz "iphone is better" and "bb is garbage" and i dont know what to say. I know bb is alot better then iphone becuz iphone is really not advanced compared to Droid, BB, etc. My cousin says iphone is better than bb becuz more ppl have it and more is better.
So now that you know my story, what should i say to completely shut his a** up?
Well, depending on what generation iPhones they have, you might be screwed if you're trying to one-up them. If they have iPhone 4's, there isn't much you can say because hardware wise everything is a lot better, even the 3GS is as good as the best BlackBerry right now. From a software perspective, you could have made a decent case, and still sort of can, although both OS's are kind of outdated, but iOS 5 will clear that up probably- but still, point out that when you're doing something a notification can't potentially appear right in front of your face, interrupting everything you're doing; you can get themes; and your email is totally cool. With a little luck, you'll totally own them- but only if they aren't tech-savvy and don't know iOS 5 is coming. For now, your best bet is to rub BBM in their face until they get iMessage in a few months. You could also say something like "well, you're stupid, everyone knows iPhones are for iLosers," or something like that...
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