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Default Re: RIM is black-burying carriers with half-baked BlackBerrys

Originally Posted by Cooper View Post
Facebook on the Playbook was the first Facebook released that was tablet optimized.
Friendly for Facebook (for iPad) was out long before Facebook on the PlayBook. Besides, what you originally said was "there's only one single Facebook app that is made for tablets, and that's on the Blackberry" and that simply is not true.

And when I talk about Facebook and Apple I mean this;
Facebook vs. Apple - Eric Jackson - Tech and China - Forbes
This is an article about Facebook being afraid of both Google and Apple and their chipping away at the market share of Facebook. Apple didn't [whatever you wrote] themselves with regards to Facebook. Facebook is scared of Google and Apple.

Why would you develop better versions for your competition. Facebook has way better versions for BB than any other device.
Better is a matter of opinion. However, Amazon writes a Kindle app for virtually all devices (except the PlayBook) and yet they still seem to sell their Kindle hardware just fine. There's no reason a Facebook app for the iPad would harm Facebook, so why wouldn't Facebook (1) continue developing for the iPhone and (2) start developing for the iPad?

FB 2.0 on the BB in Beta right now is quite nice and I really enjoy the PlayBook version too. To my knowledge, neither iOS or Android have versions comparable to what the BB has.
I have always preferred Facebook on the iPhone over Facebook on the BlackBerry, even when I was using only Facebook on the BlackBerry. As i said earlier, which one is better is a matter of opinion, not fact.

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