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Default Re: Open Letter to RIM From One of Their Execs & RIM's Response to It!

Wow! I expected a lively discussion by now.

I've been supporting BlackBerry since 2004...I built the first server (shared with our Sametime server...yikes!) and ran the pilot..."just 30 or 40, company-wide" the CIO said.

We now have 700 some units on two BES. I have built and administered several servers over the years, seen generation after generation of handsets come and go. Different versions of BBDM, etc.

What am I carrying? An old Tour. It's roamed from Ireland to Manila to Turks & Caicos. Worked fine. Could I upgrade? Yes. Why do I still have a 5.0 Tour? Because I don't care anymore.

When we started getting 6.0 devices, I fiddled with it. "Browser still sucks" I thought and didn't bother to upgrade. I'm secretly hoping they let us get iPhone or Android devices so I'm saving my upgrade in my back pocket.

I have a collection of past devices in my office. From the stoic 7750 to the durable but clunky 7130, to Storms and Pearls. I have them all. Sitting there silently. A monument to Canadian technology.

But you know what? I can pick up a 8830 and it's very similar to a new Bold. No radical changes in four years. Four years. That's how long iPhone has been out.

My love affair with all things RIM ended with the original Storm. That thing was in Beta and they were charging for it. It was like Vista. What a horrible horrible device. I went to a dog and pony rollout breakfast and it was hard for the sales guys to hide their disappointment. Subsequent OS upgrades didn't do much absolutely paled in comparison to an iPhone.

On the server and software side too, I've been disappointed. BBDM has gotten increasingly weird. There are simple functions you can't do in BlackBerry (server) Manager (like export all your phone numbers with SIM numbers for example). I was blindsided by a recent SRP infrastructure change...despite our TSupport contract we weren't notified until a week before the mandatory DNS entry change...

So yeah, I've held a Bold Touch. It exists. Had 7.0 on it. But again, it was like "Gee, that's so...evolutionary not revolutionary" I'm holding out folks...I'm an old BES admin and I'm holding out for a policy change to get an iPhone or Android.
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