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Default Re: Open Letter to RIM From One of Their Execs & RIM's Response to It!

Originally Posted by Jack T. Chance View Post
I refuse to own an iPod for the same reasons. I HATE DRM with a passion. I use a Sandisk Sansa MP3 player so that I have full control of my digital music files and what I do with them, not the manufacturer of my device.
Odd. I have an iPod and can do whatever I want with my music... and there is no DRM. Apple doesn't control my iPod, my music, or my life. But, I guess it's easier to keep the misinformation flowing to justify your use of the terms "JesusPhone" and "id10tPhones" and to make it easier to go with the masses and hurl insults at people that enjoy Apple products.

It's so chic to bash Apple, Apple products, and consumers that use Apple products it's nauseating, especially when those that do the bashing have no actual clue what they are talking about.

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